lundi 5 septembre 2016

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  (..  An Art of Living - Book by André Maurois

"Information is not culture," says Maurois. In 1939, when this book was written, culture was literature. One biography has been written about Maurois by Michel Droit, but his legacy is mainly that of writing biographies of other novelists. He also wrote a children's book still in print. I found his simple guide to all aspects of living fascinating. He peppers his down-to-earth advice with references to Greek and Biblical myths and writers such as Homer, Shakespeare, Kipling, Hugo, Shelley, etc.; and his personal hero Phillippe Petain, who later betrayed him by becoming a Nazi sympathizer. He believed that the masters of literature provide all we need to understand human character. Sociology and psychology weren't used as much as they are now; physical science was considered settled on many issues.

What follows is a partial summary of each the book's chapters, covering topics on life, each chapter title starting with "The Art of...Read more › 

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